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Mar 24, 2013 5:00pm PDT
little bit to tip the bucket. 63 degrees in napa 63 in red wood city and 64 in oakland as well as an jobbing -- antioch. this is the strongest i have seen this breeze in a few days. tomorrow we will wake up with morning low clouds and the on shore breeze will continue and cooler air will be pooling in, in time for monday. this system here 655 miles off the coastline is not going to bring us any rain but it will bring us a ridge of high pressure through the weekend. as we get through tomorrow, this ridge shifting off to the east, the system that will move closer to the coast is not going to bring us any rain but again will kick up the sea breeze and will bring back the high clouds in the forecast and a cooler week ahead. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon are cooler than what we had today and the trend will continue as we get into tuesday and wednesday. here is the forecast model, a few clouds are hanging off the coastline and they will be hanging back as we get into tonight and tomorrow morning and we will wake up with low clouds and high country will continue for the afternoon. i w
Mar 24, 2013 8:30am PDT
click on hot topics. >>> oakland police say the new tactics for a crime crack down are working. yesterday at this church oakland mayor jean quan and howard jordan announced homicides and shootings have dropped dramatically due to an antiviolence method. the chief also credits a raid three weeks ago where federal agents targeted the case gang. they also thank the community and clergy. >> they understand what it takes to police this city. they know we can't do it alone. >> what is really important is that law enforcement is not standing alone. >> reverend george cummings joins the chief on calling meetings with gang leaders urging them to stop the violence. 38 new police officers have just joined the force. part of the first police academy graduation in four years. >>> lowe's is being accused of discrimination in san francisco. they opened a store on bay shore boulevard in 2010. the chronicle is reporting six current and former employees are filed a lawsuit in superior court. they sailors hired minority employees to agree with the city to allow the store to be built. they say man
Mar 17, 2013 8:30am PDT
watch over oakland police and will speak about the problems tomorrow. civil rights attorney will address the federal oversight and the department's decision to hire bill bratton for new crime fighting strategies. it takes place tomorrow night at berkeley cop watch at 2022 blake street in berkeley. >>> we know the identities of five service members killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. they release the photos here of the four men and one woman killed. it went down in the kandahar province during a rainstorm. no enemy activity in the area. they believe it was an accident. >>> tuesday marks the 10th anniversary of the invasion of iraq. it lasted until 2,003. >> by the time the u.s. military pulled out. more than 5,000 americans and 1,000 iraqis have been killed. >> the rare strike 10 years ago continued to affect them. >> it is frustrating. >> i was depressed. >> all my close friends left the country. >> the last one held out until 2011. >>> if you are joining us. just a beautiful morning. not as foggy as it was. we will turn it over to rosemary. and rain on the way. we will
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3